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Dear Minister Ambrose,

I am writing to ask about the future of public health care in Canada now that Canada’s Health Accord has not been renewed.

The Canadian Council of Churches is the largest ecumenical body in Canada, now representing 25 churches of Anglican, Eastern and Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Free Church, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, and Historic Protestant traditions; this is 85% of Christians in Canada who profess adherence to a church.

The Canadian Council of Churches has a long history of engagement on the issue of public health care in Canada, notably during the Senate and House consultations during the Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada. That engagement led to a proposed Health Care Covenant for all Canadians, a copy of which is attached, and was referenced in the opening sections of the Romanow Report on the Future of Health Care in Canada.

Indeed churches in Canada have a much longer centuries long history of establishing health care facilities, providing health care, and advocating for a strong public health care system in Canada. A useful essay on churches and health care in Canada called Charter and Covenant: The Churches and the Struggle for Public Health Care in Canada is also attached.

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Tags: Canada Health Accord, health policy, healthcare, public health
Author: General Secretary of The Canadian Council of Churches (Karen Hamilton)