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Dear Senator Ataullahjan,

Thank you for your service to Canada as a Senator as well as your steadfast work in pushing forward Bill S-228 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code (trafficking in persons). You have our unwavering support.

In 2005 Canada amended the Criminal Code by adding sections 279.01 to 279.04 to align with the definition of human trafficking articulated in the Palermo Agreement, which Canada signed in 2005. We are in favour of the first three sections (279.01 – 279.03) but agree with your proposed elimination of section 279.04 that regarding removing “threat of safety” from the definition of exploitation. Safety is an exceedingly difficult concept to prove in court and goes beyond the necessary requirements to prove exploitation, perhaps one reason why there are very few human trafficking convictions in Canada.

We are writing to you as the Sexual Exploitation in Canada Working Group, a body of The Canadian Council of Churches (CCC). Its purpose is to lead a shared church response to sexual exploitation, including pornography, as a justice and human rights issue that primarily affects women and children.

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Categories: English, Sexual Exploitation
Tags: Bill S-228, human trafficking, sexual exploitation
Author: Co-chairs of the Sexual Exploitation Working Group (Diane Dwarka & Deb Stanbury)