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Dear Senator Miville-Dechene,

We are writing to you as the Sexual Exploitation in Canada Working Group, a body of The Canadian Council of Churches (CCC). Its purpose is to lead a shared church response to sexual exploitation, including pornography, as a justice and human rights issue that primarily affects women and children.

Thank you for your service to Canada as a Senator and your steadfast work in pushing forward Bill S-216 – An Act to enact the Modern Slavery Act and to amend the Customs Tariff. We are in full support.

This is the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour and we know that when children are used for labour they are often vulnerable to sexual exploitation. We therefore commend you in your intent with Bill S- 216 to impose reporting obligations on entities involved in production of goods in Canada, as well as the importation of goods produced outside of Canada, produced by persons under 18 years of age. Our hope is that other countries will increase their efforts to eliminate child labour.

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Categories: English, Sexual Exploitation
Tags: Bill S-216, child labour, children's rights, sexual exploitation
Author: Co-chairs of the Sexual Exploitation Working Group (Diane Dwarka & Deb Stanbury)