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Since 2008 The Canadian Council of Churches – representing 85% of Christians in Canada through its 25 member churches – has been hosting the Human Trafficking in Canada Working Group. Together we have been educating one another, reflecting on our values and faith commitments, and advocating together to end human trafficking in Canada. Today I am writing to you regarding the development of new prostitution legislation in Canada. The Chair of the Human Trafficking in Canada Working Group, Jennifer Lucking, and members of the working group have identified the links between prostitution and human trafficking and believe that legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution will further harm the majority of individuals in the sex trade who are exploited or desire to exit. We believe that we need to stop viewing prostitution as a vocation of choice and instead view it as an affront to gender equality and violence against women, children and marginalized populations. Please see the attached Canadian Council of Churches background paper, Recommendations for Prostitution Laws in Canada, for details.

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Categories: English, Sexual Exploitation
Tags: human trafficking, prostitution laws, violence against women
Author: General Secretary of The Canadian Council of Churches (Karen Hamilton)