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The need for accountability and transparency

The creation of an independent council to inform Canadians on health care matters while promoting accountability and transparency was among the central recommendations of the Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (November 2002).

In September of 2003 the Health Council of Canada was established by the Prime Minister and the Premiers in their Accord on Health Care Renewal. Its role was enhanced in the Ten Year Plan for health care that was agreed to in September 2004.

The Council’s primary role is to report on the implementation of the initiatives listed in the 2003 First Ministers’ Health Accord. In describing its mandate in its maiden report to Canadians, Health Care Renewal: Accelerating Change (January 2005), the Council emphasized its unique role, reporting independently to Canadians on health care renewal progress and system performance.

Health Council Chair, Michael Decter, has said the Council takes its independent role seriously and will exercise it by speaking out constructively on the issues and needs facing Canada’s health care system.

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Author: The Ecumenical Health Care Network of The Canadian Council of Churches