Commission on Justice and Peace Document Archives

Letter to Prime Minister Harper: Work for Just Trade Relations for All

Dear Prime Minister Harper, We are representatives of Canada’s churches, and members of MESA, a tri-national coalition of religious organizations from Canada, the United States and Mexico working for just trade. We write you in advance of your summit with Presidents Bush and Calderón this August to urge you to use this opportunity to promote […]

Letter to Minister Manley: Human Rights and Foreign Trade

Dear Mr. Manley, I am writing to follow-up on your meeting with representatives of the Canadian Council of Churches on July 4, 2001 and propose a new meeting in November 2001. In our letter of July 13 thanking you for making time for the meeting and begin a face-to- face acquaintance with the inter-church human […]

Letter to the General Secretary of the United Nations: Financing for Development (FDD)

Your Excellency, With hopes and expectations grounded in years of participation in United Nations summits—and rooted before that in the good earth of Christian social ethics—we write as representatives of the Canadian Council of Churches to express several convictions about the Financing for Development (FFD) process. The thinking in this letter is in continuity with […]